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We always welcome questions about the STS program and the operations of the student association. No matter if you are a new student, a company wanting to get in touch with us or just a curious soul who wants to know more, don’t hesitate contacting us. If you don’t know who you should contact, use the form below, and we’ll make sure that your question is answered immediately, or is forwarded to the right person.

Contact information


Matviy Khotyaintsev

Contact the president of the association regarding general questions about the operations of the association.

Head of corporate relations

Vendela Larsson

Companies and organisations who want to come in contact with the STS student association can contact Head of corporate relations.


Appointed during spring

The SM-generals can be contacted regarding questions about the SM-week

Contact us!

Thank you for contacting us!

Our address:

Lägerhyddsvägen 1,

752 32 Uppsala

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